12 Signs You Are an Alpha Woman

An alpha woman is the dominant female in a group. Find out if you are the alpha woman in your group…

You are confident

Alpha woman is not perfect, but she is confident because she accepts her flaws. She is not loud and annoying yet she oozes confidence and positivity.

You are balanced

Alpha woman has the perfect balance. She works hard and she plays hard, but she knows when it’s time to rest and relax too.

You are no pushover

Nobody walks all over an alpha woman. She’ll say no when she has to and she’ll be honest. Her honesty will be respected by others.

You take criticism well

Alpha woman doesn’t get upset when someone criticizes her. She takes it on board and learns from it.

You don’t try to compete with others

Alpha woman doesn’t covet what others have, she doesn’t get jealous. She’s busy moving her own life forward but no one will suffer for that. She’ll be pleased when those around her do well.

You are not intimidated

Alpha woman is always confident in her own abilities and is never intimidated by others.


You are smart

Alpha woman trusts her own instincts. She won’t stay in a bad relationship for long. She knows when to walk away.

You always have the best intentions at heart

Alpha woman always has her reasons and those reasons are well intended. Alpha woman doesn’t tread on other people’s toes to get what she wants.

You cope well with stress

Alpha woman is great at putting things in perspective. She accepts that stress is part of life and deals with it well.

You motivate others

Alpha woman encourages others to succeed. She is a good friend and will always be there for those in need.

You accept your failures

Alpha woman will take chances in life because she isn’t scared of failing. If she does fail, this gives her extra determination to get it right next time.

You have no regrets

Alpha woman isn’t held back by her past. She treats the bad times and her mistakes as a learning experience.

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