5 Things You Need To Do To Stop Dementia Before It Starts

Dementia can be caused by a number of different disorders that affect the brain. The most common disease associated with dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, which has been known to lead to problems with problem solving, critical thinking, and even speaking your first language. Dementia could also be caused by head trauma, a vitamin deficiency, Parkinson’s disease, and medications, and if the cause is untreatable, the dementia will become progressively worse. Here are some ways you keep your brain healthy, and stop dementia in its tracks…

1. Stay socially connected.

Staying connected, and surrounding yourself with good friends, and people who make you feel good about yourself can help protect you from a variety of scary health conditions. This is because regular social experiences help to prevent the feelings, and harmful effects of loneliness, and isolation. Additionally, you can combine social interactions with regular exercise for even more incredible benefits.

2. Always keep your head protected.

If you are doing any type of action sport you should make sure that your head is protected at all times without question. Whether you’re riding a bicycle, roller skates, a snowboard, or a skateboard you should always wear a helmet. Head injuries may cause you to lose consciousness, and possibly cause irreversible damage to your brain, and helmets are a great way to reduce your risk of head injury. So even when you’re too old to have your parents remind you to wear your helmet, it would still be a good idea to put one on.

3. Make healthier lifestyle choices.

Two of the most damaging habits that have the highest chances of leading to chronic disease are unrestrained drinking, and cigarette smoking. People who smoke cigarettes daily put themselves at a 45% higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, than those who make the choice not to smoke. However, when it comes to alcohol the circumstances are a little bit different. Moderate drinkers who limit themselves to one alcoholic beverage a day actually had a lower risk of Alzheimer’s than non drinkers.

This is due to the slight antioxidant power that comes along with balanced alcohol consumption, mainly from red wine, and if your drinking becomes excessive you put yourself at a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s than cigarette smokers. Additionally, you should know that the benefits of moderate alcohol are slight, so you if you do not currently drink, we don’t recommend that you start.

4. Keep your brain challenged.

It is essential that your brain stays constantly stimulated in order to fight off the symptoms of dementia. Keep your brain active by doing simple mental activities like crosswords, puzzles, and sudoku, or challenge your brain even more by learning a second language. Studies show that speaking multiple languages, and doing daily mental activities can delay the symptoms of dementia as well as memory loss for up to 5 years.

5. Stay active!

Having a daily exercise routine is a perfect way to strengthen your vascular system, and eliminate the worry for an array of chronic health issues. These workouts don’t have to be overly straining, start with 30 minutes of moderate activity like a casual bike ride, a light jog, an easy hike, and even working in the garden. You should exercise outside if possible because connecting with nature helps to reduce your blood pressure, which will increase the internal healing benefits more than an indoor exercise.

Source :  simpleorganiclife.org