The 9 Foreplay Moves Your Guy REALLY Wants You Learn.

It might be hard to believe but men are not built like a light switch where they can be turned on and off. You might be surprised to know guys enjoy a session of foreplay filled with seduction and sensuality to get them in the mood for sex.

As a matter of fact, if a man is seduced, he will be highly responsive and have a stronger orgasm than if he goes straight for sex. A good starting point is the true and tried method of wearing sexy lingerie to set the scene. But it’s not just about disrobing in front of him to get him in the mood either. Just like women have hot spots, so does the male species.

Here are nine foreplay moves that will improve your sex life. Your man will be shocked and thrilled with what you have brought into the bedroom.

#1. Start by gently kissing and suckling on his ear, once he starts to get turned on, do a little more.

Gently bite and tug on his ear lobe. Use your tongue to turn those nerve endings on.

#2. Be strong and take the lead by grabbing on to his hand to yours.

Play with his hands. Cup them and firmly hold on to them. Circle your fingers around them to tease with what’s to come. Be a romantic and kiss his hand.

#3. Touch his face and take your time to look into his eyes.

Make him feel like you are absorbing him. That’s not enough though, caress his face and don’t be shy about touching him.

#4. He might love his hair but it will drive him wild if you run your fingers through it.

You may be surprised to know that the top of the head is a very sensitive area. Running your fingers through it or gently pulling his tresses will put him in the mood that much quicker.

#5. Get your inner Dracula out and go for his neck.

You can move from the ear down to the neck. Kissing, licking and little bites are moves he is going to love. In case you didn’t know, guys love having their Adam’s apple kissed.

#6. Be silly and tickle him, particularly on his belly button. Fun and games can turn into a sensuous game quickly.

Once he has stopped giggling, circle around his navel with your fingers and your lips. If he is really ticklish, put more pressure on the skin so he doesn’t lose his focus.

#7. After a long day don’t forget to take care of his feet.

Just make sure you don’t tickle or he may have a knee reaction and may end up kicking you. That will be a mood killer right away.

#8. Give his back some very deserving TLC.

Massaging his back, focusing around the lower back is a very sensual move. Kissing, biting his back is a great move that will yield great results.

#9. Get him to lie on his back and relax for a totally unexpected move.

Move down on him and start caressing and kissing the back of his knees. This is a highly erogenous area that is often overlooked.