A Dandelion Cures Cancer, Hepatitis, Liver, Kidneys, Stomach … Here’s How To Prepare

Dandelion is an incredibly advantageous plant, which effectively cleanses the liver, alleviates allergies, has diuretic buildings, decreases cholesterol, promotes the development of bile, and is exceptionally helpful for pregnant and postmenopausal females.


The perfect time for choosing dandelion is the start of April, and you should find it in places which are very little polluted, far from the town and far from roads.

All its parts have medicinal buildings, so it would be best to select it from its root with a knife.

Its leaves are terrific for a salad, and you can blend them with eggs and potatoes. This salad is higher in vitamins than tomatoes and spinach.

Dandelion successfully cleanses the liver, deals with allergies, lowers cholesterol, stimulates the development of bile, has diuretic buildings, and is exceptionally beneficial for pregnant and postmenopausal females.

Furthermore, it has more carotene than carrots and is plentiful in different other minerals and vitamins.

The dandelion stem purifies the blood, alleviates stomach concerns, regulates the metabolic process and stimulates the gallbladder function.

It is likewise advised by the herbal remedies as an effective solution against diabetes, and the milk from the stem, which is thought to be dangerous, is extremely recovery and is used for eliminating warts.

Its flowers are utilized in the prep work of dandelion syrup, likewise called honey, which cleanses the blood, reinforces it, improves food digestion, and eases a cough.

This is how to prepare dandelion syrup:

You should pick 400 yellow dandelion flowers and pour 3 liters of cold water over them. Then, add 4 lemons and 4 oranges cut in pieces, and leave the mixture for 24 hours.

Afterward, stress the mixture through cheesecloth, and move the resulting liquid in a pot. Add 2 cups of sugar and cook for about an hour and a half, regularly stirring.
As quickly as it boils, and it is thick enough, reduce the heat and put the hot syrup in hot, disinfected containers. This syrup is outstanding in the treatment of a cough, cold, bronchitis, and it can be likewise given to children.

Dandelion tea:

Choose dandelion plants, and dry them on the air. The dried leaves are used in the preparation of dandelion tea. Drink it constantly fresh, and you can also sweeten it with some honey. Nevertheless, include it with a wooden or plastic spoon, and never ever utilize a metal one.

Dandelion root treatments cancer

The powerful medicinal properties of dandelion have actually been understood and valued for centuries. Additionally, most recent clinical research study has revealed that its root can cure cancer. Therefore, in order to prepare the root of this plant in order to keep it for future usage, you need to peel it, sufficed in similarly small parts and dry them in the fresh air.

Namely, you should spread the root on some appropriate surface, put in a cool dry place with great air flow. Leave the dandelion roots to dry for 13-14 days. As soon as they become brittle under the fingers, they are dry enough. Then, keep them in a container, and keep it in a dry, dark place or up to a year.

The root of dandelion cleans the kidneys, gallbladder, liver, and lymph. For that reason, it is likewise used in the treatments of various health problems, like gallstones, arthritis, irregularity, rheumatism, hepatitis, acne and edema.

In addition, dandelion root is very beneficial when it comes to ladies’s conditions, especially in the prevention and treatment of various busts issues, s like cancer, cysts, tumors, and issues connected to breast milk and breastfeeding.

Dandelion tea recipe:

Mix 60 grams of the fresh mix and 30 grams of dried dandelion root and include their mix to a pan with 2.5 ounces of water with a pinch of salt. Bring the liquid to boil, cover the pan and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Then, pressure it and consume 3 cups of this tea on a daily basis.

Dandelion root tea- recipe:

Dry some dandelion leaves, chop them carefully and mince them. Store them in a jar for future use. Every day, include a 1/2 teaspoon in a glass of water and drink it routinely.
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