Coconut Water Can Transform Your Life. Here’s How!


At the mere mention of coconut water, you think of the beach, a beautiful tropical island may be, you think of being refreshed and rejuvenated, you think of health. Coconut water is absolutely amazing, being enriched with healthy nutrients. The best part is that it is tasty too. I am curious to take a closer look at its benefits, are you?

The Availability And Composition Of Coconut Water

Coconut water is very popularly grown in hot, humid climates, and is basically a tropical fruit, but it is widely available. There are many start-ups as well as beverage companies that have now begun packaging this nectar, while trying to keep its properties intact, and avoiding any kind of preservatives. Therefore, apart from the roadside vendors who cut up a fresh coconut right in front of you, coconut water is now also available in super markets and grocery stores, of course, devoid of the whole drama that drinking in the shell brings with it.

It is quite a common fact that coconut water is similarly structured to the human blood plasma. There have been cases where coconut water has been substituted for the plasma. But, of course, there are many conflicts around this idea. However, the effects of coconut water on our health are unquestionable.

The Effects Of Coconut Water On Our Health

I don’t know where to start when it comes to the benefits of coconut water. It is such an amazing drink, and it helps every little part of our body. Let me begin with the fact that it helps to strengthen the immunity and it, almost instantly, gives you a much required energy boost. It helps in eliminating absolutely any kind of toxins in the body. It is an antibacterial and, therefore, shields the body from any kind of infections. These infections include gonorrhea, gum infections, urinary tract infections, among the many others that it can cure. Coconut water is also an antiviral and, therefore, combats common cold, typhus, and the other viruses. It is great for hormone enhancement, especially the hormones of the thyroid gland. It is a natural diuretic and is amazing for the health of the kidneys. It cleanses the urinary tract as well as the bladder. It helps in the breaking down of kidney stones.

Coconut water also has a high fiber content, that is very good for the digestive system, and over time, regular consumption will help in soothing and eliminating gastric acids. It is low in sugar as well as fat; therefore you could have more than one coconut’s water at a time. Coconut water helps to balance out the electrolytes in the body. So, you could be free of hypertension as well as high blood pressure, if you drink this every day. Coconut water helps in the reduction of bad cholesterol; it also reduces the appetite, keeping you satiated for longer periods of time. So, having coconut water regularly can also help you lose weight.

Using Coconut Water To Our Benefit

Coconut water has many benefits, but here are a few ways you could use it, to tackle different problems.

  1. Whether you have dry or oily skin, dipping a bit of cotton in this magical potion and cleansing your skin with it, will help in opening up the pores, and leaving you with fresh, clear skin.
  2. If you mix a little bit of olive oil in coconut water and drink it up, it will help in the elimination of parasites in the bowel, therefore, combating any kind of urinary infections.
  3.  Drinking coconut water during pregnancy is the best thing, as it balances out the hormones, as far as it possibly can. It also helps clear out the toxins and refreshes you. It helps reduce the bloated and gassy feeling in the stomach. Hence, it helps comfort the mom to be. It is said that many problems during pregnancy are eliminated if the mother drinks a glass of coconut water every day.
  4. Coconut water is a great hangover cure. When you have had a lot to drink at a party and feel sick the next day, coconut water shall come to your rescue. It hydrates you instantly, and gives you a great boost of energy. It also helps to subside that terrible headache that comes with the hangover.
  5. Coconut water is a great cure for sunburns and dehydration. Just one glass of it after a trip out under the blazing sun can help to soothe you. It is also a great boost after extreme physical activity.

Coconut water is definitely a magical drink capable of positively affecting every single part of our body. It is a good idea to indulge in this lovely drink. Possibly, everyday!

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