Eat 3 dates a day for 2 weeks – here’s why!

Dates are a rich well-spring supplements.Yet, what is less known is that these natural products can effectively help in losing extreme weight.

The benefit of the dates is that it can take more time to bite and avoid hunger.

These nutritious plants are mixture for well-being, and can enhance digestive capacity in the treatment of stoppage and other digestive issue.

Dates are fantastic well-spring of magnesium which has mitigating properties and may decrease torment and swelling.

Magnesium contained in the dates, additionally can lessen blood vessel aggravation, and it is known not the danger of coronary illness and other provocative infections, for example, Alzheimer’s malady, joint inflammation et cetera.

With standard utilization of this organic product you can get thinner.


  • 3 dates
  • 3 plums
  • 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed


Pound all fixings and blend. Continuously eat this blend before a supper, amid the 14 days. At that point enjoy a reprieve for 14 days, then rehash the technique if fundamental.

Utilization of this characteristic cure turned out to be extremely fruitful in lessening the danger of colon disease, and can be utilized to treat hemorrhoids.

Dates are extremely rich in fiber which weights misfortune, additionally ought not be overlooked that they contain moderately very calories and even can be called vitality bombs.

By adding more fiber to your eating regimen can help you lose more weight and diminish midsection as indicated by a study distributed in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in December 2009.

The clarification is the accompanying: fiber can help you feel more full for more.