Get rid of the belly Without Starving and exercising: Lie Only 3x A Day For 5 Minutes, But In This Way!

It’s common to have spine problems these days and it’s not surprising because of the sedentary lifestyle that we have. The technique of returning the skeleton in its natural position changes the lines of the body, makes the waist thinner and the back – straighter. It was developed by Japanese experts about ten years ago. You need only five minutes a day to do the following exercises and the results are obvious.

  1. Roll up a towel. Make a roll of minimum 16 inches length and 3-4 inches thickness. Bind  it with a strong thread, so it doesn’t spill.
  2. Lie down on a solid surface (soft bed is not suitable) and put the towel roll under your lower back, under the area of your navel.
  3. Place your feet shoulder width apart and bring together the great toes so they touch each other. The heels must be at a distance of 8-10 inches apart.
  4. Straighten up your arms, turn the palms down and get together your pinkies. The pose is quite uncomfortable. If you can’t fully straighten your arms, let them lie in the posture that you are. Still it is a must to touch your toes and your little fingers.
  5. Hold this position for 5 minutes.

If you do the exercise right, you will feel like your skeleton adopts the natural position and becomes straight. The stomach will be gradually pulled in and the internal organs will be in their optimum position.  It’s necessary to rise very accurately because during the exercise your bones and joints can move a little.

Of course at first it’s quite difficult to withstand for five minutes, you can start exercising for two-three minutes and constantly increase the time. The results will be noticeable only after a month later.