He Beat Cancer In 4th Stadium With A Recipe With Pepper And Garlic

This extremely simple way of treatment I learned while writing the book, says Kelley Eidem, the author of the book “The doctor who cures cancer”. He impelled many people to his treatment by seeking their support, as he said, in times that create discussion, which seems to have gone in the disagreements of the conventional truth.

You should be healthy to feel better

The modern medicine is trying to involve many ingredients for a couple of decades, hoping it will intoxicate the cancer. These mixtures intoxicate it for sure. Unfortunately, they intoxicate the patient as well. The results usually are cancer treatments that are usually expensive, painful and made under terrifying circumstances.

Luckily, my advanced cancer treatment cost me less than two movie tickets and a bag of popcorn with them. My treatment wasn’t painful. I wasn’t scared. I didn’t lose a minute of sleep because I knew what I was doing.

If there is something we learned for curing cancer the last 50-60 years, it is this – half killing the patient is a half successful treatment. In my case, considering the numerous spots on my body, I knew I was sick. I didn’t need someone to help me get even more sick. I needed to heal so I can be better.

UCLA confirmed my method

The UCLA researchers posted many headlines two years ago on the theme I am concerned with. What did they do? They succeeded to lower down tumors to 80% using the chili taste of the peppers habaneros. It is incredible compared to what is usually succeeded with the toxic cures. But, in the American state New Mexico the people have lowest percent of death unlike the other 50 states of America. In other words, the UCLA researchers made a great turn in the research of anti-cancer power of the chili peppers.

My success in curing cancer with the habaneros peppers was preceding the UCLA research whole 7 years. I didn’t lower my tumors for 80%, but for 100%.

The UCLA researchers confirmed that my method was an extremely powerful weapon against the cancer. By the way, if you don’t like the peppers, yu can replace them with ginger, grind daily, fresh, not canned.

The ginger not only causes death to the cancer cells but also causes its complete disappearance.

Spots from the top of the head to the toe fingers

One morning, as I was awakening under the shower, I noticed a couple of red spots on my thigh and under knee. They were the size of half a dollar.

I wasn’t sure what to do with them. The next day the two red spots became brown. Also, several other spots appeared. Some were on my shoulders, some on the lower back, on my hips, on the under knees on my both legs. They became brown in 24 hours.

In this phase, people would normally freak out. I had a damn good reason not to. A couple of years earlier I have written the book “The doctor who cured cancer”. Starting from the research for the book, I had a great information that helped me develop my own method of curing. I discovered, if I already have cancer, the curing must not be as hard as it is believed to be.


I decided to use my recipe. Grind one habanero pepper every day and put it on a slice of bread. Use the seeds as well. Grind two garlic cloves every day, put them on bread and cover them with butter. One tablespoon of haddock oil, once or twice a day, every day. The oil isn’t to be put on the bread, but taken before or after eating the sandwich. Organic or raw butter would be the best. Don’t use margarine of any kind. Those who cannot eat chili, may use ginger, which is almost as much as effective as the habanero peppers. That’s it.

The active ingredients of the peppers and the garlic are fast diffused. That’s why they need to be prepared every day and consumed right away.

How does the recipe function?

All my spots were gone for 4-5 days. I had dozens more. A couple of days later 3 spots appeared again. So I started using the recipe again and they were gone in 4 days.

I continued using the recipe for the next six months. I took new bottles of haddock oil. I ate fish from time to time. Not one spot appeared again.

I shared my experience. Here’s a comment from one woman that tried my methods of curing during two weeks: “I am so happy that I can tell that the pain in my right breast are gone completely, also the lump.”

If you have a similar problem, you have nothing to lose, and you can gain everything. This works, it really works.

Source: explorehealthyfood.com