How Adele Lost So Much Weight! Down 30 Pounds!


Adele is known worldwide for her incredible voice and vocal talents – but hasn’t always been the picture of health. When her son was born she wanted to make some healthy changes.

When pictures of Adele surfaced in late 2014 showing her weight skyrocket to what some doctors and health experts would call “Obesity level” – she went on a drastic lifestyle change that meant only buying the best groceries and dining at the healthiest restaurants regardless of where she was in the world.

Adele traveled the world for much of 2015 on her concert tour – and was still able to drop close to 30 lbs. and had some really interesting dieting tips for her fans.

Adele said that the real key to her losing weight and being healthier was not obsessing over it – and letting things happen naturally. She was stated as saying that taking things one day at a time and just focusing on the present moment is the best advice she can give someone.

You are not going to lose 100 lbs. overnight – but you can certainly change your build and dramatically lose weight in just a few months with consistency and the right attitude.

The Queen of Vocals admits that she has no desire to have a perfect body – and her real motivation was to live a healthy and long life for her family and son. Another positive change she made? She quit smoking! She said that switching her eating habits and exercising more often gave her the will power to stop the ugly habit of smoking 25 cigarettes a day.

What other positive changes did Adele make for her dramatic weight change? If you have seen the recent magazine covers and saw Adele proudly showing off her new body – you know she looks sexier and more confident than ever!

We caught up with her trainer and he revealed the top 5 changes Adele has made over the last year to look and feel better than ever.

Believe it or not Adele did not follow a structured meal plan or even count calories! She just followed a set of rules given to her by her world class trainer that made losing weight, getting healthy, and toning her body effortless.

She also got the help of a powerful all natural metabolism booster. What is the Adele dieting blue print? Let’s dive in and take a peek!