Conceiving can be difficult for many women, mostly due to the modern lifestyle. Anyone who faces this problem should consider the following 10 tips on how to conceive much easily:


  1. Keep a Healthy Diet

The health of your reproductive system and your chances of conceiving heavily depend on your diet. You should avoid acidic foods, which are known to lower the chances of getting pregnant, such as red meat and tea. These foods kill sperm and raise acidity on the cervical mucus. To the contrary, consume more alkaline foods, such as peas, beans sprouts, and milk.

  1. Take Supplements

Those who are trying to conceive should start taking multi-vitamin supplements.  Opt for supplements which contain folic acid as they prevent birth defects such as spinal bifida in the neural tube. Besides taking them while trying to conceive, you should also continue using them during pregnancy as well, as they supply the body with needed nutrients.

  1. Visit a Doctor

Visiting your doctor and making a detailed checkup before trying to conceive is of utmost importance, as you need to see whether you have any medical issues.  Moreover, ask your doctor whether your medications affect your chances of conceiving, in case you take any.

  1. Have Intercourse Regularly

Regular intercourse is a must for those who are trying to conceive and this is very logical. However, you should also pay attention to your ovulation and plan on having intercourse during those days. Ultimately, make sure you enjoy yourself.

  1. Inform Yourself on Different Sexual Positions

There is a strong link between the sexual position and the chance of conceiving, as this is already a well-known fact.  Missionary position is known to increase the chances of sperm getting into the cervix and most people opt for this position. However, it is recommended to try different sexual positions and see which one works for you, as this field is not scientifically examined enough.