It Is Not Salt, Nor Sugar, And It Is The Worst White Poison That We Eat Every Day!

This substance appears like salt glutamate E621, and it is an additive that almost all foods, especially those typically utilized in restaurants include. This additive is contributed to the foods so that their taste is heightened.


This substance resembles both salt and sugar because of its crystalline powdery type. The aqueous option of this substance tastes like soup with meat. Salt glutamate can be utilized for any food.

This compound adds to increased appetite, overeating, and weight problems. It has a comparable impact as a drug as it triggers the cells in the brain. Sodium glutamate quickly permeates into the blood and the brain and adds to a change in the genes, in the location responsible for the taste.

Sodium glutamate is found in all kinds of sausages, salami, chips, frankfurters, cans, soups, beer, and a big list of other foods. The safe amount a grownup must take in is 1.5 grams a day, and the safe amount a child need to take in daily is less than half a gram.

This substance is nowadays being used in enormous quantities, about 200 thousand loads a year on a worldly basis. If one experiences an overdose of E621, one will struggle with lightheadedness, migraines, visual disturbances, hormonal imbalance, nausea, weakness, discomfort in the chest, etc.

Back in 1907, Ikeda Kikunae from Japan performed an experiment and it was revealed that this substance increases the taste of food.

Not just does salt glutamate boost the natural taste of all ingredients, but it likewise boosts the taste and the fragrance of fast food, and of canned and frozen products.

While the researchers were conducting this experiment, they were adding sodium glutamate in the food they were offering to the mice, and the mice lost their vision as a result.

Another negative effect of this compound is that it also impacts the receptors of the tongue, which in turn leads to worsening of the understanding of food.

Often, individuals can not stop consuming the undesirable, hazardous foods like chips, chocolates, soups, and other foods, because of the presence of sodium glutamate which makes the food delicious.

This substance has been proven to trigger addiction, which explains why producers want to use it in the food they make, as it increases the sale of their products.

Keep in mind!

Food makers make money from utilizing E621, as this supplement not only does increase the sales, however it also decreases the production costs and serves for ‘covering’ the low quality of the goods and the items.

People must be more mindful when picking and buying food and always take notice of the info written on the package of the item.

You ought to only utilize natural spices for cooking!

Source: non-stophealthy