Kombucha – Why They Call It The Tea Of Immortality! (Recipe Included)


Kombucha is a tea fungus that comes from Japan. For centuries, it has been used in Japan, Eastern Europe, and Russia.

In ancient times, kombucha was the privilege only of the kind’s castles and was treated as untouchable secret in Japan.

Russia has a very long tradition in the usage of this beverage, which they call “tea kvass”.

The drink quickly spread to Poland, Prussia, Germany as well as Denmark but it seems to have disappeared during the WW2. When the war ended Dr. Rudolph Skelnar established interest for kombucha in Germany, when he started using it as a treatment of metabolic disorders, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

During the process of fermentation and oxidation, the fungus in tea works with a variety of complex reactions. It feeds on the sugar in the tea and in return produces other valuable substances that are part of the kombucha such as glycolic and lactic acid, vitamins, amino acids, antibiotic ingredients … This is why this tea is a real small biochemical factory.

Kombucha contains greater amounts of vitamin C than lemons and it also contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B12, and B6. The fungus also contains many types of enzymes and it’s especially important to say that it contains milk – L acid.

Why use kombucha?

For many years, kombucha was used as a treatment for exhaustion, fatigue, nervousness, anti-aging, anti-narrowing of the blood vessels, rheumatism, diabetes, and constipation.

Kombucha successfully treats internal organ diseases, inflamed tonsils, diarrhea, increased blood pressure, narrowing of blood vessels, sclerosis, and many more conditions.

Many scientists found that many components of kombucha have antibiotic and detox properties that have a significant role in all biochemical processes.

Kombucha will help you eliminate various intestinal problems such as hemorrhoids and constipation and it will balance the flora. Although it is a bit sour this won’t result in acid refluxes, and actually, it will help maintain healthy digestion. Also, it will solve your issues with the urinary canals, kidney stones, and bile.

This tea can regenerate cells and it is an excellent treatment for arteriosclerosis. Also, it will cleanse the blood from toxins by stimulating your metabolism.