Learn to Make Organic Butter In Minutes and Never Buy it Again!

Most of the butter found in supermarket is not healthy, due to the fact that it is made from pasteurized milk.


Homemade organic butter is very healthy as it still consists of a lot of the vitamins and minerals found in raw milk. Butter is loaded with Vitamin A. Vitamin A is important for the health of our eyes, skins, tissues, membranes and teeth. It contributes in gene transcription. Butter includes primarily short and medium chain fatty acids. These fats can secure against cancer.

Ways to Make Organic Butter
Active ingredients

-2 cups natural whipping cream

-sea salt, to taste


-Pour cream into food processor and procedure for about 10 minutes. It will rely on a thick whipped cream initially.

-Continue processing up until it turns grainy and different into butter and butter milk. Drain buttermilk from butter.
-Scrape butter from the sides. Put in a clean bowl. Put your butter into a colander and strain off the buttermilk.

-Wash the butter with cold water, carefully turning the butter with a spoon while the cold water runs over it until the water runs clear.

-When the butter is clean, squeeze more liquid from butter utilizing wooden paddles or spoons to smash butter and pour off liquid.

-You can keep it in a jar or bowl, and shop it in the fridge, or the freezer. This kind of butter can last for numerous months prior to going bad.

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