Meet The Essential Oil That Could Stop Cancer In Its Tracks!!!

Even researchers now acknowledge the power agents that exist within some important oils which stops cancer dispersing, and which causes cancerous cells to close themselves down. Their disease-preventing capability is not questioned, particularly for cancer.


A healthy body, from head to foot, generally has a frequency varying from 62 to 78 MHz, while condition starts at 58Hz. Throughout some testing with frequency and the frequency of essential oils it was measured that: Holding a cup of coffee dropped one guy’s frequency from 66 Hz to 58 MHz in just 3 seconds. It took 3 days for his frequency to go back to typical.

Other research studies show that: Unfavorable ideas lower our frequency typically 12 MHz. Favorable thoughts raises our frequency typically 10 MHz.

Studying some of the most popular necessary oils in current use, such as mint, ginger, lemon, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, chamomile, thyme, increased, and cinnamon, scientists looked for to find how these oils might combat cancer. They did so by checking antibacterial potency in addition to in vitro toxicology against human cancer cell lines.

Bruce Tanio, of Tainio Technology and head of the Department of Agriculture at Eastern Washington University, has actually established an Adjusted Frequency Monitor (CFM) that has actually been utilized to determine the frequencies of vital oils and their result on human frequencies when applied to the body. Essential Oils laboratory utilizes a CFM, and another lies at Johns Hopkins University where it is useded to study frequency in relationship to condition.

” Cancer begins when the DNA code within the cell’s nucleus becomes damaged,” says Immunologist Mahmoud Suhail. It appears some important oils have a re-set function. It can tell the cell exactly what the best DNA code should be.

Have to Be Healing Grade

There are a lot of necessary oils being sold, however most are of poor quality, synthetically produced and weakened with alcohol and other ingredients. To be efficient just 100% pure therapeutic grade quality important oils should be used, otherwise you will not acquire the health advantages and in addition you have to alter the combination each week with the ideal proportions of each of the oils.

Robert O. Becker, M.D., the author of the book, The Body Electric verifies that the human body has an electrical frequency and that much about an individual’s health can be figured out by it. Nikola Tesla said that if you could remove particular outside frequencies that interfered in our bodies, we would have higher resistance towards illness. Dr. Otto Warburg was a two-time Nobel Laureate and winner of the Nobel Reward for cancer research, for discovering that human cells have an electrical voltage.

Beyond a doubt, specific frequencies can avoid the advancement of condition and other frequencies would destroy diseases. Substances of greater frequency will damage conditions of lower frequency.

Restorative Grade Essential Oils begin at 52 and go as high as 320 MHz! For example: Rose 320 MHz, Helichrysum 181 MHz, Frankincense 147 MHz, Ravensara 134 MHz, Lavender 118 MHz, Myrrh 105 MHz, German Camomile 105 MHz, Juniper 98 MHz, Sandalwood 96 MHz, Angelica 85 MHz, Peppermint 78 MHz

Numerous Recovery Capabilities

Bust cancer cells are mainly destroyed by cinnamon, thyme, chamomile and jasmine oils, with chamomile eliminating approximately 93% of them in vitro. Even more reliable was thyme oil, which caused a 97% kill rate of the MCF-7 bust cancer cells.

Another research study published in the journal Industrial Crops and Products found that chamomile oil takes advantage of powerful antioxidant buildings. The research study, assessing 11 vital oils consisting of lavender, thyme, winter season tasty, rosemary, sage, peppermint, French tarragon, bitter, and sweet fennel, found Roman chamomile to have the highest antioxidant activity.