Pretty Gruesome Facts That Will Stop You Biting Your Nails

The day of an interview or a major examination or some other significant day might result in nervousness. Every person has a different mechanism to deal with their fears and anxiety. For some the relief lies in a deep breath while others just shake their legs incessantly while they deal with the tension. There are many who have the habit of biting off their nails when tensed and studies say that 60% of the population holds this habit. Some girls take special care to grow those dead cells so as to enhance their style quotient. But if they have the tendency to bite the nails when they are caught up in a tensed situation, they involuntarily tear them off. However, they later realize that their days-long patience has become null and void. Other than the fact that it diminishes our oomph factor, there are other reasons why we should avoid biting our nails. These are hair-raising as they pose serious threats to our health.

Micro-organisms reside under the nails and biting it means an intake of those bacteria.

You will be surprised to know how many kinds of bacteria our nails hold under them. Yeast, fungus and Staphlococcus Aureus are only some to mention. These micro-organisms result in various diseases such as abscesses and boils.

Do not even chew or suck those nails, they carry bacteria.

The bacteria Escherichia coli can make us suffer from vomiting and diarrhea. We can come into contact with the micro-organism even by sucking or chewing our nails.

Your teeth are at risk

Biting nails might ruin the shape of your teeth and cause irreparable damages to the jaws such as fractures and chipping.

Biting nails may affect our nerves.

All those who bite nails tend to grind teeth and this may lead to dental issues which will in turn make the root of molars weak. In the long run this habit might even result in tooth loss.

Use braces? Biting nails may work other way round.

When you are using braces to mend the shape of your choppers, biting nails is a sure no-no. If you tear nails with braces on, the braces might get damaged and harm your teeth instead of fixing them.

Take care of your gums

Regular nail biting leaves the nails shapeless and sharp, and when these edgy nails come in contact with our gums, our gums at risk of getting gingivitis.

Eeeeewww! Bad breath.

By now we know how much bacteria is stored in our fingernail. It is obvious that these bacteria will create bad breath if we keep on biting our nails.


This is a fungal infection which is caused when bacteria enter the skin near the nails. When we bite nails, the bacteria under the nails enter the skin through open sores and cause this infection. The nails might accumulate pus which can be treated with medicines but when it gets severe, we might even have to undergo a surgery.

Nail biting and herpes

Although it is not much common, biting nails can cause herpes. Oral infections such as blisters and lesions can be caused by chewing fingernails.

Nail polish can be poisonous

Most girls like to paint their nails, but the polish contains a compound called formaldehyde and this can be poisonous. In fact, this is the substance which is used to preserve dead bodies.

Ugly looking nails

Biting nails stops their growth and those who constantly keep doing it, they are sure to have ugly looking nails and which will never re-grow.

Before you start uprooting your precious friends, and causing serious health issues, stop biting those nails.