Remove Earwax And Heal Ear Infection With These 2 Ingredients!

Ear wax is apparently one of the most annoying thing we have to deal with in our daily. Although ear wax can actually protect outer part of our ears, the process of extracting excessive earwax can lead to ear infection.

Suffering from ear infection can be painful and annoying and, of course, nobody would stay in this condition. Before thinking of going to the store to buy drugs to relieve the pain, read on this article to find out how to resolve ear infection problem with only two natural ingredients that are completely safe for you.

Most likely, you already have these two ingredients in your home, so you don’t have to worry about the need to go to the store to find them. Before we get into the simple remedies to eliminate ear wax and ear infection, let us first see what actually cause ear infection.

Here are some conditions that can cause ear infection:

-Humid places

-Temperature that’s above normal

-Exposure to moisture for a long period

People who live in a humid place, swimmers and those who often have their ears contacted to water are more prone to suffer from ear infection because bacteria and fungi breed in the moist environment.

You can prevent water coming into your ears by avoiding tilting your head during a shower. When you do swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling, use earplugs to keep the water out of your ears. If you feel that some water coming into your ears, drain the water out by tilting your head.

Symptoms of earwax

Actually, our ears have the ability to clean the earwax by itself. But why do after we clean up our ear, instead of it being clean, the ears build up earwax? The answer is because, in the process of cleaning the ears with a cotton bud, instead of removing the wax, we can easily push the wax deeper into the ear canal. Here are the symptoms of ear wax:

-Feeling of a plugged ear




-Ringing in the ear

-Decreased hearing


Symptoms of ear infection

An ear infection occurs because of the growth of bacteria and fungi in your ears which can cause irritating pain in our ear. If you experience any of the below symptoms, then you need to consult with your doctor to get proper treatment:

-Feeling of a plugged ear

-Feeling of an ear filled with fluid




-Hearing loss

How to eliminate earwax and ear infection

Now, let’s get into the two ingredients that can effectively eliminate earwax and ear infection. All you need to make the remedies are only alcohol and white vinegar.

Prepare a small bowl to mix the two ingredients. You can begin by mixing only a small amount of both ingredients, like a teaspoon of each ingredient to first test the effect. After you mix the ingredients, use a clean eye dropper to pour half of the mixture to one of your ears. Then tilt your head for a minute before tilting it back to let the solution drain out of your ear. Then repeat the process for another ear.

However, you need to remember that this remedy acts as a prevention to ear infection. If you already suffer from ear infection then you should visit your medical expertise to get the right treatment.

The best way to keep your ears healthy is by preventing any of the problems before it occurs. Use the above remedy to prevent the problems and don’t forget to use plugs when you do an activity that exposes your ears to water.