Research Confirms: This is Parents’ Worst Nightmare! Every Mom NEEDS To See This!

One new study simply made your most terrible bad dreams a reality — and the breaking news comes simply in time for the new school year. Pay attention in the event that your kid is in public school. Here it is: Over half of Americans overrun with a type of head lice that is impervious to over-the-counter medications.

Yes, that is right. It was simply reported by WPXI that the lice medications no longer work.

Scientists introduced their discoveries at the 250th American Chemical Society meeting in Boston. Furthermore, what they have found will leave you without words.

 Kyong Yoon is the man who led the exploration and the outcomes he found are disturbing. Yoon clarified: “What we discovered was that 104 out of 109 lice populations that we examined had high levels of heredity mutations.”

… that’s over 95%!

He also said: “If you utilize a chemical over and over, these small creatures will establish resistance. In other words, we have to think prior to utilize a treatment.”