She Rubbed Garlic On Her Foot And Then Something Unexpected Happened (VIDEO)

There are tons of beauty products on the market, but big question is: How much do people actually know about the things they are putting on, and in, their bodies? Regulations have made some things relatively safer in recent years by requiring more detailed labels, ingredient lists, and other precautions be put into place, but we still have a long way to go.

This video by NewBeauty Magazine, for instance, puts host Anna Jimenez on the case to investigate what goes into some of the most popular beauty products on the market. She’s out to find out what is toxic, what’s not, and everything that’s in between.

She sits down first with Editor-in-Chief of the Chalkboard, Suzanne Hall, to chat about some of the harmful and disruptive ingredients that can be found inside makeup and other skin-care products.

There is so much great information that comes out during their conversation, but the craziest moment arrives around the 2:30 mark when Hall explains to Jimenez that if you take a clove of garlic and rub it on the bottom of your bare foot, within minutes you will begin to taste the flavor of garlic on your tongue. What???

That’s exactly what Anna Jimenez thought too, so she immediately stops the tape and cuts to her back inside with a clove of garlic and her shoes off. She’s going to test this theory for us.

Jimenez begins rubbing the peeled garlic on her foot and, in a matter of seconds, we see as she says that she’s started tasting the garlic in her mouth. Woah!

“That’s crazy,” she says with a laugh. “It does matter, ladies and gentlemen.”

The video cuts back to the interview where Jimenez and Hall continue to discuss the ingredients in beauty products and provide tips on what items should always be avoided when you’re shopping for your favorite products.

Jimenez then goes on to try a variety of the items suggested by Hall before she heads over to A Night For Green Beauty event hosted by CEO of La Bella Figura Beauty Victoria Fantauzzi.

It’s all extremely important and informative, but nothing will top the great moment when Anna Jimenez rubs garlic on her bare feet. Amazing!

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