She Suspected Her Boyfriend Was Cheating, So She Hid Under His Bed…

Life sometimes gets in the way of love. The stresses of work, family, and everyday things easily slips into people’s daily life. If you are used to receiving flowers every couple of weeks or having laissez faire days with your loved one, when it stops it’s only natural to worry.

It feels a lot easier to remain quiet and hope that things get back to normal quickly. But when days turn into weeks, the fear becomes that this is the new norm or worse things are ahead. It would much easier to be straight-forward and ask what is going on before jumping to conclusion.

Nonetheless, some lessons are better learned the hard way.

She was the lucky girl.

This was the type of woman who found love. The good kind that sweeps you off your feet. He was romantic, patient, and funny.

Family and friends were confident he was going to pop the question soon.

He was never afraid of showing his feelings for her. He seemed more excited about their dates than she did.

Slowly he began to become more brooding, withdrawn.

The talkative, outgoing guy began to become withdrawn and preoccupied with something. When his partner tried to ask him what was wrong, he always said it was nothing.

Was it her? Was he tired of her? Did she do something?

And yet she didn’t know how she could help her other half without knowing what the actual problem was. The more quiet he got, the more insecure she felt.

He was on his phone a lot. She tried to act cool and casual but it was hard.

The man who always gave her all of his attention all of a sudden only had eyes for his smartphone. It was becoming harder and harder to ignore.

She acted against her better judgement.

One day she could not help herself. She picked up his phone to look through his texts, but everything was gone. There was no history of anything being written. He had erased everything.

A solution to what she deemed to be the problem.

So she took a sheet of paper and pen. The girlfriend decided to write a break-up letter to her boyfriend. She still loved him and wanted to be with him. She thought that by ending the relationship there was a chance he would want to talk to her. She left the letter where he would definitely find it.

She did something she had never done before.

The woman knew her boyfriend was coming home soon so she hid under the bed, waiting. She was desperate to know what his reaction was going to be. Would he cry? Would he be relieved?

When he got home he saw the letter immediately and began to read it.

She was under the bed trying to figure out what he was thinking and feeling. It seemed like an eternity of absolute and total silence.

She heard him pull out his phone and call someone. “Hey babe, it’s done. No, I didn’t have to say anything. She left me, I’m coming over to celebrate. I love you too.” He grabbed his keys and left the apartment.

She was stunned and heartbroken.

The woman slowly crawled from under the bed. She felt breathless by what she had just heard. All her doubts and fears just revealed themselves to be true. Defeated, she now noticed a new letter was left addressed to her.

She began reading his letter.

“Really? Hiding under my bed is childish at best. This is not what I expected from you. I don’t know whether to laugh or be mad at you.”

He went on to explain he was working late and on his phone a lot because he was planning their first vacation. He was in contact with her boss to get her time approved.

“I’m working hard for the two of us. P.S. next time you plan to hide under my bed, make sure your whole body is hidden, including your feet. I love you.”

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