In the ancient times interpreting dreams was the job of shamans and the healers of the tribe. Now we have psychiatrists and mental health professionals to help you understand the dream symbols and the meaning of your dreams. However these messages of the subconscious can be really complicated, from time to time we have dreams about more common symbols that we can analyze and easily find out their meanings. These interpretations are not universal definitions, but they can act as general guidelines to define the personal meaning of your dream symbols.

Being Chased
One of the most commonly reported dream symbols, probably because the feeling of anxiety stays with us longer and we can easily recall these nightmarish scenes. It can symbolize a problem that has been hanging over your head and now came the time to finally face it.

Open water
Open water usually represents the unknown. It means that you can’t see the future clearly but and the weather conditions symbolize your feeling about the situation. Clear sky represents positive expectations, stormy weather means you have worries about the future.

Dreams where you fly away encourage you to let go of your problems and allow things to fall into their right places.

Dreaming of a lover
Strangely dreaming of a lover usually tells more about ourselves than others. It represents the relationship with your own nature and symbolizes how you see yourself.

Dreaming of an old friend
Though it depends on your relationship with this person from the past, it usually represents longing for a peaceful time from your past where you had less stress in your life.

School or classroom
If you find yourself in a school or in a classroom, often confronted with an unexpected test, then your dream wants to remind you to stay alert and don’t let things go out of your control. School often represents your job, so be prepared for challenges at your work.

Death of a loved one
Don’t be scared, this usually symbolizes a missing aspect or quality of your life. Something that goes unrecognized and can lead you to changes in your life.

Dark figures
You are scared of the future and have doubts about yourself. The dark figures lurking in the shadows symbolize these worries, but don’t be afraid of changes, once you get to know these thoughts they can show you what the future holds for you.

Falling uncontrollably indicates something in your life that feels very much out of control. You subconscious warns you that you are facing a major life problem with work, relationships or elsewhere.

Nudity represents vulnerability and anxiety. Dreams about showing up somewhere naked is common to people who are facing a new challenge in their life. If someone else appears naked in your dreams that symbolize an openly expressed aspect of that person.

Dreams about sex symbolize your intimate connections with others and even with yourself. It means that you need to merge and integrate the contrasting aspects of yourself. Often represents your search for intimacy and closeness.

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