The Best Metabolism Boosting Foods

When it comes to losing weight and being healthier overall, increasing your metabolism plays a big part. A faster metabolism helps you with digestion, and helps burn off fat and pounds, even while you’re sleeping. Conversely, a slow metabolism can thwart your dieting and weight loss efforts and leave you in a state of frustration, feeling like you’re genetically programmed to be heavy.

If you’re eating a balanced diet and working out regularly, but still not losing weight as fast as you like, try revving up your metabolism by incorporating the following foods (and drinks!) into your diet.


The top metabolism booster I’m going to mention is plain old H2O. Seriously, not only does it fill you up but it helps you burn calories.

Studies have shown that drinking just 17 oz of water can boost the metabolism by between 24% and 30% for up to 90 minutes after consuming it!

Try drinking that amount before every meal as other studies show that people who do, can lose 44% more weight over a 12 week period than people who don’t. In addition to revving up your metabolism, the water boosts your feeling of satiety so you don’t overindulge.