Things You Should Never Do During Your Period!

Menstruation is the worst part of a month for women – they are emotional and tired, and even getting out of bed is a struggle. Considering the pain and cramps the cycle brings, here are 13 things you should avoid doing while on your period:


If you are in your kitchen and cooking while you are on your period, you run the risk of hurting somebody. Now, you will probably wonder how. The answer is simple, if you are cooking you are most likely to have a knife near you. Now tell us, what if you have one of those emotional attacks while having a knife in your hand? You can easily hurt yourself or someone else. Therefore cooking is one of the things you should never do while you are on your period. Simply stay out of the kitchen.

Use Phones

Just by picking up our phones, we might just end up calling our ex. During this emotional time of the month we might call them and try to get back with them as being alone can be hard but this time of month all of our emotions make it even worst, and if we don’t try to get back with them we might just curse them out for no reason. But how could it be our fault when were on our period our emotions are all out of whack.


Remember: you are bloated due to your period – you haven’t gone fat instantly. Once the week is over, you’ll feel sexy and attractive again. Don’t exercise while on your period because you’ll only ruin your clothes.

Watch Romantic Comedies

If you are single, romantic comedies probably make you miss being with someone. Or worst if you’re in a relationship they might even make you miss being single. Either way you lose. Don’t forget that people in movies and TV shows are just acting, their life might seem perfect but it’s just a show not reality.

Eat Chocolate

Don’t believe all of the clichés you hear. You don’t have to stuff yourself with chocolate, because you’re on your period. It’s not going to make you feel any better. Eat a few candy bars, but don’t go crazy. You’ll only be angry at yourself in the end.


If you start a fight you’ll probably say things that really don’t mean to say that will just hurt the other person and you’ll probably regret it after. Maybe it’s not the best idea to start fighting with someone that you deeply care about as it can affect your relationship long term. It’s best just to let the other person be and wait until a better time to discuss the issue.

Leave Your Bed

Why even bother to get out of bed? You feel horrible, and no one wants to deal with your emotional outbursts. Just stay in bed and sleep. Blog a little. Don’t move from your spot for four or five days. Then you can re-emerge like the beautiful butterfly you are.

Take a Shower

You probably feel horrible already so why jump in the shower, a better alternative you can do to stay clean and feel better is by taking a bath maybe even sip on some wine and just relax.

This will make your mind and your body feel amazing.


That pile of junk on the kitchen cabinet and the heap of clothes on your bathroom floor aren’t going anywhere, so don’t make yourself miserable trying to take care of things when you’re having your period. Just leave the mess and crawl back into bed with a book or a movie. Attack that mess when you feel more like yourself.

Eat Fast Food

You probably don’t really feel like leaving the house, which will make it easier to avoid any drive thru places that just contain loads of fried food, which will end up making you feel worst. . Eat a candy bar or grab a mug of hot chocolate and skip the burger and fries.


Can you imagine? Running while you’re menstruating is probably one of the worst ideas ever. It won’t feel good, and you’re bound to be bloated anyway so burning extra calories won’t be all that beneficial. Don’t run down the stairs, don’t run across the parking lot and never run around the block on your period. Instead, shuffle slowly into the kitchen for another candy bar.


Laing is the key, because it feels so much better. Try to avoid sitting down and instead lie all day if you can.  You can lie on the couch while watching television, lie in the tub when you must get clean and always lie down in your bed. Sitting and walking will not make you feel good when you are on your period. Therefore why suffer?


Your body is already in pain, so why put your brain through pain as well?

Your kid can feed the pets and do its homework without you for couple of days, but you will not have a headache.

Do not get us wrong, while in your period you can do everything you normally do the rest of the month. We are just saying that the better option is to stay in your bed and sleep all day. This means you should do whatever you want!