This Household Spice Destroys Cancer Cells, Stops Heart Attacks And Rebuilds The Gut

Did you know that there is a common spice in almost every kitchen that could rebuild the gut wall? So, when this spice improves and rebuilds the gut wall, it will provide many health benefits, such as: improved digestion, destroy cancer cells, stop a heart attack in its tracks and it’s also extremely useful as a weight loss aid. So, we guess you want to know more about this spice and what’s the name of it, right?

The cayenne’s plant (capsicum annuum) hot fruit has been used as a superb culinary spice for hundreds of years and it can be one of the most important medicinal herbs in the entire plant kingdom. This is because of the many reasons mentioned above.

The main reason why cayenne pepper finds great application in treating various diseases is due to its ability to destroy cancer cells, stop heart attacks and rebuild gut.

According recent studies, cayenne pepper rebuilds the tissue in the stomach and the peristaltic activity in the intestines due to its rich nutritional profile including vitamins A, C, B complex, calcium, potassium, manganese and flavonoids making it a strong antioxidant. Additionally, cayenne pepper has also proven its effectiveness in alternative cancer treatments.

If it had happened to you having a runny nose after eating chips and salsa with gusto, that is because cayenne pepper warms your body and releases the mucus from respiratory passages. And if you have ever eaten a fresh hot pepper, you will notice that it clears the sinuses and causes sweating.

Cayenne pepper increases the body temperature by stimulating circulation and blood flow to the skin. Herbs containing diaphoretic (sweat-inducing) effects are strongly recommended in cases of fever, since it helps reduce fever, as wells as colds and sinusitis.

According to a study conducted in 2004, Dr. Sanjay K. Srivastava and colleagues from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found that the capsaicin, an active ingredient contained in cayenne pepper, has potential anticancer properties since it induces programmed cell death to human cancer cells without damaging the normal pancreatic cells.

Another study published in Reuters on March 16, 2006, entitled, “Hot Pepper Kills Prostate Cancer Cells in Study“, Dr. Soren Lehmann of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the UCLA School of Medicine confirmed: Capsaicin had profound anti-proliferative effects on human prostate cancer cells in culture. According to a study where prostate cancer cells were injected into living mice to undergo apoptosis-a process where a death of cells occurs as a normal and controlled part of an organism’s growth or development, capsaicin can cause prostate cancer cells to kill themselves.

Always carry a cayenne tincture in your first aid kit in case of heart attack, since this herb has proven its miraculous effects in heart attack prevention.