Tips for Stronger Nails


If your nails break easily and you think there’s no way that they’ll ever look nice, please read this article. Your hands will look like you just stepped out of a nail polish ad. Learn how you can have stronger nails in this article.

In order to have beautiful nails and hands, you need to care for them daily. You may not give them much attention until you actually look at them and think, “What am I going to do now?” Don’t despair.

This isn’t about solving a specific problem as quickly as possible, but about keeping up with your nails and caring for them everyday. Properly protecting and hydrating them is essential.

Why are my nails so brittle?

Here are a few reasons why nails become brittle and break easily:

  • Using harsh cleaning products without wearing gloves (for example, while washing the dishes).
  • Bathing in hot water (or washing the hands).
  • Using the nails to open cans or scratch things.
  • Fungi (onychomycosis).
  • Biting your nails or constantly putting them into your mouth.
  • Filing them with too much force.
  • Keeping them painted.
  • Nutritional deficiencies.
  • Smoking or using tobacco products.
  • Lack of moisture.

When the nails aren’t healthy, they won’t grow uniformly,they’re irregular and don’t have a natural color. They can be scaly, opaque or even yellowish, and, above all, they’ll easily break (even without an apparent cause).


Tips for stronger nails

Wear gloves when you wash the dishes

You should wear gloves while doing any chore around the house. Soaps, cleaners and other cleaning products negatively impact the health of your nails as the chemicals weaken them and make them more prone to breakage. If possible, try to wash the dishes only once a day and try to keep your hands out of the water as much as possible.

Eat more protein

This way your skin and nails will be healthier. Make sure the fats you eat are the healthy ones like those founds in nuts, vegetables in general, milk and butter. Also try flaxseed oil or flax seeds.

Repair them instantly

Don’t leave nails damaged or with rough edges. File them as soon as possible to prevent further breakage and to keep them from getting snagged on something. Don’t bite them. Some women use liquid glue to repair broken nails. Just let it dry, then file it smooth and apply a layer of clear nail polish. This technique is for emergencies, not for all your nails.

Shorter nails, less problems

We already know that long nails are beautiful, but, unfortunately, you can’t always get them to stay the same length. It’s better to keep them flush with the finger or just slightly longer. This way they’ll be harder to break, plus it’s in style!