Wheatgrass the Cancer Killing Food

Wheatgrass is the poster child for juicing, and shots of the dark green liquid are the quintessential image of the raw food lifestyle.

I remember when juice bars first opened and people were drinking shots of wheatgrass that not only looked like the grass I mow in my yard, but tasted like it. I figured there had to be some kind of secret I was missing out on to warrant drinking something so unappealing. I wondered, who in the world first started drinking this stuff?

Wheatgrass drinkers tout its efficacy for curing things like arthritis, diabetes, wound healing, bacterial infections, common colds, UTIs, and so on. Honestly, everyone I know who loves wheatgrass seems to think of it as a magical cure-all.

But when people started telling me that wheatgrass could cure cancer, I started to really pay attention and do some hardcore researching.

Meet Ann Wigmore

Ann Wigmore is affectionately known as ‘the mother of living foods’. Even though studies about wheatgrass were being done by doctors as early as the 1930s, Wigmore popularized the naturalistic health movement in the late 1960s.

Wigmore claimed to have healed herself of various illnesses with ‘live foods’ such as raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, and most notably, grasses like wheatgrass. Wigmore’s famous health regime became known as “The Wheatgrass Diet” and excluded all cooked food, meat products, and dairy of all kinds.

If you ask me, Wigmore was way ahead of her time. Fast forward to the present and it’s easy to see how influential Wigmore’s diet was; it sounds similar to the vegan diet .